There are many reasons people may choose to upgrade the electrical service in their home. From upgrading from fuses to circuit breakers, to eliminating recalled panels, DFC's licensed electricians can answer all of a home's electrical challenges. When a home needs its electrical service upgraded, the conductors, or copper wires, usually need to be replaced all the way back to the utility "drop", or the lines coming in from the utility. The meter socket, where the utility, typically ComEd, places its meter, will be changed out, along with the pipe going to the weatherhead, which keeps the elements out of the piping. In keeping with code, and ensuring the electrical reliability and stability of the structure, the grounding system will be upgraded as well, with added grounding rods and jumpers. In the installation of a panel, it is recommended to add a whole house surge protector. Check out our selection of whole-house surge protectors. The selection of typical panels is below:

Square D QO Load Center
Commercial design and construction
30-400 Amps
2-42 Circuits
Indoor and outdoor versions
Full complement of accessories
Only panel to show which breaker has tripped with an orange marker.
Most space-efficient panel


Siemens Load Centers